S T   C U T H B E R T ’ S  H O U S E Hermitage of the Diocese of Nottingham               

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Reluctant bishop and wannabe hermit - I met St Cuthbert during the wanderings of my student years up in Northumbria.

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Usually produced annually,  around Christmastide.  If you would like to be included on the emailing list, then please let me know.

St Cuthbert’s House is a hermitage - primarily a house of prayer.  The links on this page offers a little insight into the life of hermitage, the “whys?” And the “hows?” .  

There is a growing interest in hermitage as a lifestyle - both from those with a prayerful motivation, and from those who are more interested in living more simply and quietly.  Over the years there have been a few visits from radio and photo-journalists interested in discovering a little more for their listeners and readers.   You can access them from this page.

Benedictine Raphael  Vernay wrote:   The hermit is simply a pioneer … in the way of the desert which the whole of humanity must follow of necessity one day, each one according to his measure and his desire.  This eremitical vocation, at least embryonically, is to be found in every Christian vocation …  it is necessary that the Church and society do something so that this may be realizable,  so that each may at least touch it, be it only with the tip of his little finger.  (On the Desert Place of the Inner Sanctuary, 1974).   

This website, and the links on this page are intended as an open window through which a little finger may reach.   Please feel welcome.

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